Danger Walden (dangerwalden) wrote,
Danger Walden

Is The Caller [All] There?

An email conversation with the secretary at our high school:

High School: That person who needed info for a permit was looking for driving information. If you get someone like that again, please direct them to the DMV. If it is for a working permit then I’m your person. Thanks!

Me: Driving information? She told me she was looking for a working permit for her brother! I even said, “Working papers? Yes, you’d get them at the high school.” She didn’t correct me when I said “working papers”!!!! What the heck???

High School: People like that make me want to bang my head. I grilled her as well and she said she needed physical forms for her brother to take his driving permit test at the DMV. UGH!

Me: Physical forms? Did it occur to her to call her family doctor? She drives, why didn’t it occur to her to go to the DMV on her own???  As a friend of mine once said, “Well, if they had brains, they’d be dangerous.”
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