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Danger Walden

Is the Caller [All] There?

Ok, let’s see if I can recall these three events.

I’m paraphrasing...

Caller babbled for 10 long minutes about himself, his wife, and his career as our former superintendent. He eventually got to the goal of his call, and when I told him that I’d transfer him to our benefits person, he rambled again about himself, his unique situation, his wife, and his career as our former superintendent. Then, he told me that his son died last year. I was very sorry to hear that, and told him so. He mentioned insurance and his unique situation again, so I told him again that I’d transfer him to our benefits person. He mentioned again that his is a unique situation, and he rambled again, about himself, his wife, and his career as our former superintendent, and then again about his son. Again, he mentioned insurance and that his situation is complicated and unique. So, after he mentioned insurance again, he rambled again, about himself, his wife, his career as our former superintendent, and then again about his son. I told him again that I was transferring him to our benefits person. Each time I said I’d transfer him, I had to tell him that the benefits person was out, but to leave a message, and she’d get back to him the next day. I gave him her extension if he wanted to call her. FINALLY, he let me transfer him, but I don't think he left a message. I had the feeling that he didn't fully understand that he was to leave one.

The next morning, I told Ms. Benefits (that’s not sarcastic; I happen to like her very much) that she might get a call from [person’s name]. She said that she retrieved a message from home in which someone said, “Hello? Hello? Oh Jesus!” and then hung up. I rolled my eyes and told her the whole story. She laughed and said that she’d call him. I overheard her talking to him, saying, “I looked you up, but you only have dental insurance with us. You need to call Medicare…you’re with us only for dental insurance…you should call Medicare…the number should be on your card…call Medicare; they can help you with that…you get dental insurance through us…that’s all, just dental insurance…If you call Medicare, they can help you…You’re with us for dental insurance, and Medicare for everything else…”

Visitor: I applied for a job and she told me that I need my diploma.

Me: Is this for a teaching job?

Visitor: No.

Me: I can’t think of any other position for which you’d need a diploma. What exactly did [the woman from HR] say? Do you have your diploma with you?

Visitor: The job is with Carson Valley Center.

Me: Oh! You’re a former student who went to an interview, and they need a diploma. Ok, now I got you. You need your transcript, not a diploma. Just to go the high school, and when you get to the main office, they’ll tell you how to get your transcript. They'll send you to the guidance office.

Visitor: How do I get to the guidance office?

Me: When you ring the bell for the main office, you’ll go in, and they’ll tell you how to get there. Be sure ask for your high school transcript.

Visitor: Ok, thank you!

(The phone rang as she was leaving. While I was clearly on the phone with the caller, the visitor looked back and distracted me with, “I’m Bill Parker’s daughter!”)

Are you ever able to speak clearly?

Who is Bill Parker?

A woman came to the office today to ask to see Ms. Benefits. I asked her to sign in and I’d get the benefits person for her. She smiled and asked, “Why is this right here where I have to sign?” I laughed with her and explained, “That’s my little clock that I brought from home. Everyone who signs in doesn’t seem to realize it’s there, and they always look around our walls for a clock. So that’s why I put my little clock right on top of where people should sign in. So that they’ll see it’s there!” We both chuckled.

Then…she put the clock aside, CHECKED HER WATCH FOR THE TIME, and wrote it on the sign in sheet. I couldn’t wait ‘til she left so I could write this!
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