Danger Walden (dangerwalden) wrote,
Danger Walden

Is the Caller [all] There?

A woman comes into the office with two young children and a packet of papers.

Me: Hello. Registration?

Visitor: Paperwork.

Me: For registration? [the papers look like registration papers]

Visitor: Paperwork.

I called our registrar: Someone is here for registration, but I don’t see her name on your calendar.

Our HR director stopped by and saw the visitor and started talking to her.

HR Director [after a few moments of conversation]: I’ll let [HR ass’t] know you’re here.

Me: Wait. You’re here for HR?

I took her back to the HR person.

Jeez. Learn to express yourself better! How the hell am I supposed to know whom you’re here to see when all you say is “paperwork”?
Tags: is the caller [all] there
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