Danger Walden (dangerwalden) wrote,
Danger Walden

Is the Caller [All] There?

In these cases, visitors were lacking common sense.

Mrs. Entitled and her daughter came in to the building. Mrs. Entitled wanted to register her daughter for high school. She was already perturbed that she had to register, though her daughter withdrew from school for only two weeks to attend a charter school. Would the high school still have the daughter's schedule? How the hell should I know? I'm a receptionist, not a guidance counselor.

Mrs. Entitled became perturbed again when I discovered that our registrar was at lunch. I asked if she could come back at 2pm, which was only 35 minutes later. Mrs. Entitled glared at me, angry because she needed to register her daughter, and is there anyone else who could help her. I explained that we only have one registrar and she's at lunch, and Mrs. Entitled would have to come back at 2pm. Only 35 minutes later. Then she complained that her daughter HAD to start classes. I explained that the school district wouldn't keep her daughter from attending school. I called the guidance secretary to ask her about it, but she was out sick. I took Mrs. Entitled's name and phone number, and gave her our registrar's phone ext. Mrs. Entitled didn't seem to care that I was trying to bend over backward to accommodate her. She finally left and came back a few minutes before 2pm. The registrar explained that she was at lunch, and said it in such a way that Mrs. Entitled apologized for being rude. I made an obscene gesture behind her back as she was leaving. The registrar laughed.

One of the bus drivers stopped by this morning, asking for *Tom Doyle, a tech teacher who is at our high school. The bus driver said that he had a meeting with Tom at the conference room at the school, but Tom wasn't there. [so he came to the district office?] I asked, "Did you go to the main office at the high school?"

Driver: No. Last time I did that, they sent me up here.

I called our technology office. Tom Doyle wasn't down there. I called Tom's extension and asked if he had an appointment at the conference room, to which he answered "yes." Ok, I said, I'll send him back down.

Driver (waiting 'til after I already hung up the phone): I hope I don't have to meet him outside. I was unable to get into the building.

[What the heck was he talking about? All he had to do was go to the main office, ring the bell, and ask for Tom!]

Driver: I'll just go to the main office and wait.
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