Danger Walden (dangerwalden) wrote,
Danger Walden

Is the Caller [All] There?

Is this a sign of the times? What are they called - helicopter parents?

A parent thought she called University of Pittsburgh from our school district. She accidentally got our district office. She asked, " How do I find out if my son got accepted to Pitt?"

What I wanted to say was this: Your son will find out by mail. Why are you calling for him?

A parent called today, asking how to get her daughters' transcripts. How come she doesn't know how? Why is she calling for her daughters? My mom did lots of stuff for me, but for goodness sake, I found out how to get my high school transcripts on my own - when I was 18 and in to my 30s!

A parent called and said, "I was taking a nap and the phone rang. It was from the school, but they didn't leave a message, so I'm calling to find out if everything is ok."

If the school didn't leave a message, nothing is wrong. And don't tell the receptionist that you were taking a nap!
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