Danger Walden (dangerwalden) wrote,
Danger Walden

Is the Caller [All] There

This morning, an 80-year-old surgeon called.

Me: Best School District

Caller: Hello is this Best?

Me: Yes.

Caller: May I ask who am I talking to?

Me: [Danger], the district receptionist.

Caller: Danger? Danger, are you hiring substitute teachers for this summer?

Me: This summer? Uh...it's almost over...do you mean the fall?

Caller: No. This summer.

Me: I'll transfer you to our Human Resources Department.

Why is an 80-year-old surgeon asking about substitute teaching in the summer - on August 10??? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

And now for a few words from people who hate to sign in when they come into our office:

Visitor: Oh, I have to sign in. Wow, this place used to be friendly.
Visitor: I don't have to sign out? Thank God!
Visitor (looking at the 'please sign in' sign): Do I have to sign in?
Tags: is the caller [all] there
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